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We take the mess and guess out of magic!

Are you looking to cast a spell on someone? Or a spell for yourself? Perhaps a love spell, money spell or weight loss spell. You've come to the right place! Horus IceRaven can cast that spell for you. We have many more spells you can cast: confidence spells, loose weight spells, good fortune spells, wealth spells, good health spells and more.

How it Works

You purchase a spell, and Horus will enact it for you. As simple as that!

Spells come in three distinct varieties. The first are blessings that are positive and reflect a strong spiritual nature. The second variety of spells are spells that change the flow of magical energy to form cause conditions to change toward a positive end.

Lastly the third variety of spells are curses that disrupt magical forces and change of the magical flow of energy within the universe.

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What Spells are Available?

We have a great variety of blessings and spells including love spells, gaining confidence spells, weight loss, protection from evil spell, money and prosperity spells, healing, hair loss and even a spell to stop smoking.

Spells take slightly more to cast than blessings, and have greater consequence thus we request more for spells than blessings.

Curses take considerable more to cast then blessings and spells, and have much greater consequence, so we request accordingly.

For a complete list of spells and an explanation of them, visit our orders page.

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Money Back Guarantee

We stand by all our products. Money back guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with the spell after 6 months we will refund your money and reverse all the magical energies involved. This will revoke the spell you requested and thus start to undo most the effect the spell was involved, this may have some unforeseen effects.

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We have been in business for a very long time, Our client base is very vast. From collage students to Senators of the United States Government, from house wives to business professionals, to name just a very few.


About Horus Iceraven

Who is Horus Iceraven and how does he have the power to cast your spells?

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